stuck inside doodling?

I was...

thought I would try and create something..a little messy something


so whats happening?

self isolation getting to you?

so whats happening?

I had to start somewhere ...self portrait?

cartoon maybe?
maybe some animation...
and I would need a character
many years ago my friend made me a comic get well card.
The Fantastic Adventures of Captain Curl
and fantastic it was..
A silly tale about me flying space ships, seeking revenge on evil doctors called
The Nose Nabbers
OK I have something to work with.. copy and steal all the images that he copied and stole & forget to acknowledge the original artists....
And try and find my style??
capt curl - space captain?
 full of grit & determination?

so i started sketching

no idea where its going but its curlyworld and there is a captain

& a love interest


it starts in a bar

the captain has fallen on hard times

hes searching for another buzz

he needs another buzz

looks like it may get a little sleazy from here on in...........

meanwhile in space

to the captains local....his home.

his happy place?

about that romance

about those


at the bar

they had a falling out

then there's the whole ginger twat thing.........

am i allowed to say ginger twat?

well thats a question for next time.....

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